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Paper (raw material) for tests

Ring Crush Test (RCT)
Standardized cylindrical compression force applied perpendicular to the sample can withstand without crushing the paper with the maximum force.
Weight Test
Under standard atmospheric conditions of 1 m2 is the mass in grams of the paper. The unit is g/m2.

Under standard atmospheric conditions the water column under 1 m2 of paper to a height of 1 cm the amount of water absorbed in a given time. The unit is g/m2.
Surface Crush test (CMT)
175 °C in temperature by passing from the device that are brought into oluklama of corrugated paper in the direction perpendicular to the surface of the applied force with the maximum force it can withstand without crushing of the grooves. Unit N.
Edge Crush Test (ECT)
Under standard atmospheric conditions as a result of applying pressure in parallel with the corrugations of corrugated cardboard, the grooves of the force that needed to be squashed. Unit KN/m.
Humidity Test
The determination of moisture content of corrugated paperboard. the % IS expressed as.

Surface crushing strength
(FCT -Flat Crush Test)
Applying vertical pressure to the surface of corrugated cardboard under standard atmospheric conditions as a result of the amount of pressure required for crushing of the grooves.

Bursting strength
(BST-Bursting Strength Test)
Corrugated cardboard under standard atmospheric conditions by applying a hydraulic pressure of a pressure value is necessary to be able to explode. Corrugated cardboard gives information about the staying power of the regional forces.
Box durability test (BCT)
To determine the resistance of the empty box that show The Vertical to be crushed against is made. The result of this test gives information about the resistance box istiflenen crush on top of us. The unit KGF.

Color Meter
Much of the beam by the sample and passing light in a certain spectrum of samples is based on finding absorpladig. 
Viscosity Measurement (Viscometer)
Is the measure of resistance to deformation under surface tension of the glue. The Brookfield method is measured by the unit CP.
Thickness Measurement (Caliper/ Micrometer)
The thickness of the paper sheet or made to measure.